Herbal Face Steam

Herbal Face Steam

Herbal Facial Steam - Building the Immune System to fight of bacteria and viral infections.


Facial Steams are a wonderful way for your body to gain nutriants: 

- Inhaling the aromas will relax the mind, body, and nervous system. 
- Aids in easing throat irriation and congestion in the Respiratory System.

- Boosts the Immune System by removing toxins and waste from the airway making for a better Respiratory System.

- Softens the skin and removes dirt from the skin surface and pores. 

- Provides the skin with a radiant glow from within. 

- Relaxes muscles 

  • Directions:

    Boil a pot of water, once water has boiled add in the herbs and allow it to steep for 1-2 min. Drape a towel over your head and lean over herbal steam taking deep breath for approx. 10 min. Rinse face with cool water and proceed with your skin care routine.

  • What You Will Receive:

    - You will receive a 3.4oz jar of herbs good for 3 uses. 
    - Directions for proper use

  • Disclaimer:

    I am not a licensed medical professional. I study herbal use and its benefits; therefore, this should not be used in replace of any medical advise or treatment given by a licensed medical professional. 

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