Honey Bee

Honey Bee

Each bar contains real honey, oats, and goat milk. This soap has many benifits one of which is anti-inflammatory properties. This product is good for individuals who suffer from acne, ezcema, and dry itchy skin, but it is also good for ALL skin types!

Honey: is a natural antibacterial, antioxident, humectant (aids in moisture), and increases lather resulting in the use of less product. 

Oats: Releaves skin irritation and itching, naturally exfoliates the skin, elemanate odures, aids in the treatment of acne, helps with dark marks, and aids in wrinkle removal. 

Goats Milk: Contains high levels of Vitiman A which aids in healther skin, contains high levels of lactic acid which can help remove dead skin cells, helps with the apperance of a brighter complexion, and also contains pH balancing properties. 

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