Magic Hour Tingz Bath Soak

Magic Hour Tingz Bath Soak

8oz zip bag

Scente: lavender & chamomile


 This product is a floral infused lavender chamomile scented bath salts for soaking. Made with Epsom salts to aid in soothing muscle aches and pain. The scent of lavender and chamomile is perfect for relaxation, stress reduction, and aiding in a better nights sleep. 


Ingredients; Epsom salts, lavender flowers, chamomile flowers, jasmine flowers, peony hower flowers, lavender chamomile fragrance oil, color


Do NOT use if you are allergic to any ingredients that are listed.  Perform a small patch test for allergic reactions. We are not responsible for any reactions to our products. Thoroughly wash out your tub after use and be careful getting in or out of the tub; Some oils may cause the tub surfaces to be slippery.